Our Mission

The Taiwanese Students Organization (TSO) is dedicated to growing the presence of and appreciation for Taiwanese culture at WashU in a manner accessible to all WashU students. By encouraging cross-cultural engagement through a diverse array of events, we aim to strengthen long-term connections between current students, alumni, and those in the St. Louis region. In doing so, we seek to foster a supportive and inclusive network of individuals who collectively enrich the college and post-college experience.

TSO: A Closer Look

Each year, we host a series of events which together bring an awareness of Taiwanese culture to WashU. All students are welcome to attend these events. Here are just some TSO events that we hold before:

– Annual 10/10 dinner: To celebrate Taiwan’s national holiday on October 10th, TSO hosts an annual banquet where 10 people will sit around a table to enjoy 10 delicious Taiwanese dishes for only 10 dollars! We also have trivia games about Taiwan and performances such as lion dance or yo-yo. Our annual attendance reaches 350 people!

– Themed bubble tea event: Executive members make delicious homemade boba milk tea with our resident expert Bubble Tea Master to serve to GBFriends and other WashU Students. Each event comes with its own unique theme! Past themes include Build Your Own Boba, autumn, board games and artistic mason jar making.

– Community-oriented film screening:TSO hosts a showcase of Taiwanese films and we often invite the directors of the movies for some Q and A session. Past films we did are Long Time No Sea, a film about the Taiwanese aboriginal group at Orchid Island, and On Happiness Road – an animated film of the past and present Taiwan.

Other events include hot pot nights, round table discussions of pertinent Taiwanese social issues and GBMs such as making dumplings or playing werewolves!

Meet TSO

TSO’s sizable yet close-knit executive board is devoted to organizing different events throughout the year. The delegation of many responsibilities to many board members lends itself to a collaborative, nurturing environment for all those involved, and this spirit extends to TSO’s numerous committees, which consist of board members as well as any WashU students enthusiastic about arranging (or spearheading!) an event. These committees dissolve the traditional barrier between executive boards and the WashU student body, allowing anyone to immerse themselves in Taiwanese culture to their liking.